X is the mystery of history and all the magical reasons.


Her personality was created by the fashion world, which she constantly watched from the outside as her mother walked the runway.

At the same time, they stroked strips of material in search of the feeling that reveals the most what elevates, reveals, reminds – heavenly pose.

She wants to create and continue the causes and mysteries of history.

She – Viktorija Strelčiūnaitė – influencer, personal trainer and designer with a mission to create clothes that will make modern person feel empowered and comfortable in their own bodies.

Angelix – celestial pose in honour of my mothers name Andzelika.

SPECTRUM - the name of our new collection is associated with the term Autism Spectrum.

This collection is inspired by the story of Angelix’s founder’s brother, who has been diagnosed with autism since early childhood.

12% of the profit from this collection will be donated to the Lithuanian Autism Association “Lietaus Vaikai", which is a non-profit organisation uniting families, promoting education and providing assistance to families raising children with autism spectrum and other developmental disorders.

By purchasing from SPECTRUM collection you are contributing and so we are creating common goals - to learn, to understand and to accept.

We are grateful with all of our heart!

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